The holidays are a time of special bonds between friends and loved ones. We want to provide you with the wonderful gift of a custom clothing experience, or why not "accidentally" send this link to your loved ones as a hint to a gift idea for you.


Suits: 20% Off

From the neckline to the seams. Every aspect of our custom suits is tailored to your exact measurements. We come to you, to measure every detail, and discuss fabric & color options with you, one on one. Then we handcraft your perfect suit, and then deliver it directly to you. 

Shirts & Slacks: 20% Off

Are you interested in starting off your custom clothing experience with something less forma? That's cool too. We offer custom fitting for all button down shirts, and slacks. Using only the highest end fabric, we build our clothing to your exact measurements for maximum style and comfort.

Outerwear: 20% Off

It's getting cold out there, and the new age man never wants to miss a chance to stay in style. That's why we offer fully tailored outerwear to keep you warm, while keeping you at the forefront of men's fashion. Our custom outerwear is measured to your exact frame, with your choice of fabric and color.